"Nearly famous since 1982"

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This is primarily an introduction page to our other sites. It has been easier to just have one central location to send folks to. We have only recently been on the internet. Most all of the offerings we have available were done by mail order or person to person contact.
Springerle cookies pix
Plate full of beautiful Springerle cookies

Throughout the year there are different items for sale. For instance, we have offered hand made 3D animal puzzles that contain a surprise in them made by Gorbachevski Porcelains, a husband and wife team that also produces fantastic Russian ornaments as well as other items.

Another popular item is African Angels, original dolls produced by Bea Harrell and dressed in authentic African Kenta cloth. She is noted with having sold over one thousand of her creations in under 10 minutes on QVC.

There are others items that we add from time to time. One of our most popular at this time are Springerle molds from Switzerland. These molds are used to produce fantastic 3D cookies. Thay are more art than cookie, some say. At the present we are experimenting with the molds on different craft ideas.

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This site offers insight into an almost forgotten cookie "art". The site is still being constructed but now offers recipes and crafting ideas for use with springerle molds. You will also find other information about this centuries-old cookie style that incorporates cookies & classic design in unique forms.

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